Bel Ouvrage

Bel Ouvrage

Artisans Joailliers

Édition 2020
Hôtel d’Evreux
19, place Vendôme, Paris
Bel Ouvrage


The result of a work, more precisely the work of a worker, a craftsperson or an artist, especially from a technical point of view. Object resulting from the implementation of something; production of a particular art.

Jeweler’s Craft

Art that consists in highlighting precious stones, gemstones, pearls or various minerals in taking advantage of their brilliance and their shape.


Person who does manual work, who exercises a traditional technique (art), often helped by his family. As opposed to so-called industrial trades where production is provided by automata. By extension, person who is the author, the origin of something.


We are proud and very honored to receive the priceless support of Les Grands Ateliers de France for this first edition of Bel Ouvrage.

The association Les Grands Ateliers de France represent a selection of houses of excellence in the tradition of High Craftsmanship in decorative arts and lifestyle.

In the seventy trades of the hand they represent, they gather renowned houses in the safeguarding of yesterday’s and today’s heritage, as well as creators who are the dynamics of tomorrow.

This durability of the Grands Ateliers de France is based on a pool of talented youth, motivated and guided by the meaning of their profession.

Éric Chenal /Wonderlab

About Bel Ouvrage

Bel Ouvrage is the exceptional craft show for artists and craftsmen with the most cutting-edge creation techniques..

Each opus will present you a different trade, where know-how, quality, refinement and elegance will be the essential criteria that will guide the selection choices of the established and emerging artisans..

The first opus, 2020, February 28th – March 1st, is exclusively dedicated to the greatest jewelers from all around the world, during the Paris Fashion Week.

An unprecedented location with tailored services, experts and collectors, private clients carefully selected, the presence of international journalists as well as the harmonious diversity of the Craftsmen Jewelers and the beauty of the details of their most beautiful creations, are all criteria that make this first edition an exclusive and unique event.

Bel Ouvrage’s Vision

The designers will be placed in a unique scenography, with fine lines. Bel ouvrage exposes the selected pieces in a staging that favors their visibility; the comfort to work in optimal conditions while preserving confidentiality.

This installation also allows buyers to have perfect readability of pieces. Proximity to artisans invites you to discover the most qualitative ancestral and innovative techniques.

Return to the very essence of luxury, the origin of creation, through the most knowledgeable techniques, to learn to appreciate the work of materials and research forms. In a society where Mankind is in constant search for perfection, we put the spotlight on the artist and his works, the beautiful with the work of the hand.

Mixing cultures and innovation, creation and durability, Bel Ouvrage offers you a unique experience in the world of Jeweler’s Craft.

Who’s hiding behind Bel Ouvrage ?

Carole de Bona
Founder of Yes We Do It!

Carole de Bona has a talent for anticipating new trends and knowing how to develop them. Her taste for Fashion and the Arts led her to advising creators, be they stylists, designers, artists or musicians… Thanks to an informed combination of cultures and diverse perspectives, she was able to reveal the souls of the spaces confided to her, whether prestigious or unknown.

She started at the heart of the Lutétia, one of the most famous Parisian hotels. Carole de Bona demonstrated her abilities by managing public relations and events for this establishment.

In the 1990s she created two showrooms, one in Rue Saint-Honoré, where the renowned boutique Colette was born and the other in Place des Petits Pères, a base for the promotion of creators she is particularly fond of such as Isabel Marant, Christophe Lemaire, José Lévy, Ronan Bouroulec, Olivier Saillard, Mattali Crasset, Christian Ghion, Patrick Nadeau… She also organized the fashion show of Viktor & Rolf, Eric Bergère, Sonia Rykiel, Paul Smith, Shirtology…

In 1997 she organized Roger Vivier’s 90th birthday party under the Great Pyramid of the Louvre and contributed to the rebirth of Repetto.

Then, in 2002, the space at 17 Rue de Sèvres opened its doors in the former Art Deco swimming pool at the Hôtel Lutétia. She carved out a dynamic and artistic new identity for it. There, a succession of hybrid showrooms and exhibitions of art and design were to be found. Today the famous Maison Hermès has taken up the reins of this magical place. Carole de Bona can therefore be regarded as a precursor of strategic places !

2003 saw the simultaneous opening of her event production agency Yes We do it! and her new showroom Vendôme Luxury, whose events, symbols of French-style luxury, will take Place Vendôme as their showcase as well as the Hôtel d’Evreux, the Park Hyatt, the Ritz and the Meurice as their cardinal points. 

This agency is intended to share her vision of Luxury updated in favour of a new “Art of living”. Through innovative concepts, her team gives shape to the expression of an ideal of refinement and open-mindedness by harmonizing aesthetics, modernity and elegance.

And now there’s Bel Ouvrage. A new space and a new concept oriented towards the savoir-faire and expertise.

The Workshops

Creative Award

In order to highlight a new generation of jewelers, a prize to reward Creation will also be awarded by a multidisciplinary jury composed of an international personality, a journalist, a jeweler, a new designer, the representatives of a multi-brand boutique, an institution and a prestigious brand. Our desire is to gather these different perspectives and visions on emerging craftspersons, by offering them greater visibility and credibility for their future works.


Our desire to explore the world of jeweler’s craft is closely linked to the one to discovering the ensemble of professions that make it up. That’s why we will have the honor to welcome professionals and jewelry lovers, like Les Grands Ateliers de France. A series of conferences on different themes such as the savoir-faire or the evolution of the latter, by approaching the development of new creative tools such as ethical diamond, the integration of semiprecious stones into sumptuous setting…

Bel Ouvrage by Night

To perfect this moment of meeting, we will offer a series of very private evenings on varied themes, where innovative Chefs will make us discover the excellence of their creations.

Useful information

Prochaine édition

2020, February 28th – March 1st
10 AM – 8 PM

Hôtel d’Evreux

19 place Vendôme – Paris

Contact Us:
Yes We Do it !
19, rue de Lille
F-75007 Paris

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