Article 1: general rules
The purpose of the BEL OUVRAGE is to develop clothing and accessory lines and promote them to professional buyers and national and international press. lt is stipulated herein thal the general rules of the trade show are those adopted by the Federation Francaise des Salons spécialisés (The French Fédération specialized in trade shows), whose rules have been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and the specific rules resulting from the following provisions.

Article 2: duration The present rules apply only to the trade show whose dates appear on the attached application form, with the understanding that the EXHIBITOR admitted to this session may not avail itself of any entitlement or right for subsequent sessions.

Article 3: conditions of admission
Article 3 -1 Admission to the BEL OUVRAGE is restricted to companies capable of demonstrating their strong creative image within their respective markets.
Article 3 -2 The EXHIBITOR shall provide the ORGANIZER with any information the latter may request so thal it may knowledgeably assess the identity and creative character of the EXHIBITOR seeking admission.
Article 3 -3 The EXHIBITOR undertakes, vis -à-vis the ORGANIZER, to exhibit at the trade show only specific products under its brand name, at the exclusion of all products that may be customarily marketed under a different brand name, even by the EXHIBITOR’s subsidiaries.
Article 3 -4 The EXHIBITOR hereby agrees to exhibit only new or recent collections, and the ORGANIZER reserves the right to conduct any inspections it deems appropriate prior to and during the trade show.
Article 3 -5. Application forms shall be sent directly to the ORGANIZER prior to the dead line specified on the application.

Article 4: organization of the stands
Article 4 -1 The surface area of the stands is defined by the ORGANIZER based on available surface space.
Article 4 -2 the installation and the decoration of the stands is the responsibility of the ORGANIZER and shall therefore be strictly complied with by the EXHIBITOR. The EXHIBITOR is expressly prohibited from altering the existing decorations and facilities by adding ornaments, photos, sketches, etc., – modifying the boundaries or outlines of the stand assigned to it or encroaching upon passage ways or neighbouring stands, – modifying, without the prior consent of the ORGANIZER, the standard items provided on each stand, such as signs and lighting fixtures, – Leaving collections covered during exhibit hours.
Article 4 -3 Any damage or wear-and-tear caused by the EXHIBITOR or any of its employees to the premises, stands or materials shal l, following eval uation by the ORGANIZER, be charged exclusively to the EXHIBITOR.
Article 4 -4 The EXHIBITOR may not remove any product, merchandise or ornament used to decorate its stand prior to closing time.
Article 4 -5 ln all cases, the EXHIBITOR undertakes to present its stand in such a way asto make it attractive as possible.

Article 5: stand selection As far as possible, the ORGANIZER sha ll attempt to honour the choice expressed by the EXHIBITOR. Nevertheless, the ORGANIZER has ful l freedom of choice in assign ing and reserving the stands, subject to prior notification EXHIBITOR.

Article 6: pricing Priees are determined by the ORGANIZER for each session and are not subject to any reduction or discount.

Article 7: admission
Article 7 -1 Submission of the application form, duly signed by the EXHIBITOR, implies unconditional, unrestricted acceptance of the clause of the present rules.
Article 7 -2 The ORGANIZER reserves the right to change the location of the exhibition if the site originally planned on must be changed for any reason.
Article 7 -3 When returning its application form the EXHIBITOR shall submit a deposit, the amount of which is fixed by the ORGANIZER at 450 euros (FOUR HUNDREDS AND FIFTY EUROS) for each square metre reserved, with the understanding that, in case of cancellation, said deposit shall remain the property of the ORGAN IZER.
Article 7 -4 ln the event that the application is rejected by the ORGANIZER, the total amount of said deposit shall be returned to the applicant immediately.
Article 7 -5 Any reservation made by the EXH IBITOR for a stand whose area exceeds 100 sq .m (ONE HUNDRED) shall be payable to the ORGANIZER immed iately and in full.
Article 7 -6 Any request for a change in exhibition space may result in the relocation of the previously assigned stand. If the EXHIBITOR requests a smaller exhibition space the penalty conditions stipulated with regard to cancellation shall apply to the portion of the invoice or deposit pertaining to the space relinquished by the EXHIBITOR. The ORGANIZER may, for technical reasons, be forced to make lastminute changes thal affect the environment of the stand, without advising the EXHIBITOR in question thereof.

Article 8: payment methods
Article 8 -1 Aside from the deposit paid to the ORGANIZER at the time of application, the balance of the registration fee shal l be due by the date indicated on the invoice for said balance.
Article 8 -2 An EXHIBITOR thal fails to pay the full registration fee will be prohibited from using its stand during the event.
Article 8 -3 Payments shall be made to the ORGANIZER by bank transfer.
Article 8 -4 Any invoice not pa id one month prior to the opening trade show shall be subject to a 10 % surcharge.

Article 9: obligations of the EXHIBITOR The EXHIBITOR is prohibited from assigning or subletting any part of the stand assigned to it by the ORGANIZER.

Article 10: cancellation

Article 10 -1 Any signed commitment is final.
Article 10 -2 Full payment for the stand shal l be owed to the ORGANIZER if the EXHIBITOR cancels its reservation less than 45 days prior to the opening of the trade show.
Article 10 -3 Any exhibition space not occupied by an EXHIBITOR upon the opening of the trade show shall be payable in full, with the understanding thal the ORGANIZER reserves the right to dispose of it without reimbursement or indemnity.

Article 11: insurance
Article 11 -1 The EXHIBITOR hereby states thal it maintains civil liability insurance with a company thal is known to be solvent, and to risk of theft.
Article 11 -2 The ORGANIZER shal l not be held lia ble for loss of or damage to the exhibited samples and materials, regardless of the cause.

Article 12: safety rules The EXHIBITOR shall, in all areas comply with the safety rules imposed by the public authorities, in accordance with the ministerial orders of 25 June 1980 and 18 November 1987 governing the matter.

Article 13: prohibitions
Article 13 -1 The EXHIBITOR undertakes to refra in from using microphones, recording deviees or audio deviees, regardless of the form or destination thereof, at its stand. Any violation of this proision shall be punishable by the im mediate closing of the stand without the EXH IBITOR having a right to any reimbursement of any kind, with the understanding that t he ORGANIZER reserves the right to bring legal action against any EXHIBITOR in violation of said rule.
Article 13 -2 The EXHIBITOR is prohibited from distributing, either directly or indirectly, any samples, gadgets or fliers outside the stand area.
Article 13 -3 The EXHIBITOR is also prohibited from promoting its stand using pre-recorded audiotapes or loudspeakers.
Article 13 -4 The EXHIBITOR undertakes to exhibit its collections within its stand, in such as way as to avoid disturbing other EXHIBITORS or disrupting, in any way, the overall progress of the trade show.
Article 13 -5 The EXHIBITOR formally undertakes to respect the ownership of each of the other EXHIBITORS creations, and, therefore, to refrain from making, either directly or indirectly, any copies, sketches or photographs of the products exhibited. Any violation of this provision shall be punishable by the immediate closure of the stand occupied by the EXHIBITOR that is at fault, without the latter having a right to any reimbursement of any kind, and notwithstanding any claim for damages thal may be f iled at a later date.
Article 13 -6 Photographs may be taken on the grounds of the trade show only by certified professional photographers expressly authorized by the ORGANIZER to do so.
Article 13 -7 Entry to the trade show grounds is restricted to persons displaying an admission ticket approved by the ORGANIZER, with the understanding that the latter reserves the right to refuse admission to the trade show to any person without needing to give reasons for same.

Article 14: jurisdiction The present rules are governed by the French law. Any dispute arising from the enforcement or interpretation of said rules shall, by express agreement, be submitted to the Commercial Courts of Paris.

Article 15: miscellaneous provisions
Article 15 – 1 The titles given to the various articles and paragraphs of these rules have not informational value and have been inserted simply to facilitate reference to the articles and paragraphs
Article 15 -2 Either party’s failure to exercise, on one or more occasions, the rights, options, claims or actions granted to it by the present rules shall not be interpreted as a waiver or refusal to exercise said right or option, to file said claim, or to take said action.
Article 15 -3 ln the event that any of the provisions of the present rules and additional clauses thereof, if any, are contrary to any document whatsoever, the provisions of the contract and/or additional clauses thereof shall prevail and shall be imposed on the EXHIBITOR.
Article 15 -4 ln arder to be evidenced against bath parties, any changes made to the present rules and additional clauses thereof shall be formulated in a document signed by both parties.
Article 15 -5 ln the event thal any clause of the present contract is recognized as or declared nu li or void, or is in violation of a statutory provision of public arder, said clause shall be considered not formulated and al i other provisions of the present contract sha ll remain in full force and effect.